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Midland, VA 22728

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Dogs who stay at Creekside stay as part of our family and are surrounded by the sights and sounds of everyday living. There are no indoor/outdoor runs, and many dogs are kept inside our home. There is a kennel bldg on the premises also with over-sized kennels and a grooming room. The play areas are surrounded by secure fencing 4ft, 6ft and 6ft with extension panels, and dogs are only outdoors when supervised. All dogs are fed separately and are secured during certain periods of the day and overnight in a variety of setups (baby-gated room, crate, kennel, free-run of the house, or doggie-safe room). Where your dog stays depends on their behavior, social skills, and their manners. All accommodations are heated/air-conditioned.


Exercise outside is unlimited and often depends on weather conditions. Friendly social dogs are permitted to play with other dogs with permission and discretion, and are grouped appropriately (size and temperaments)


Please inform us if your dog has any special concerns or habits. Dogs must be friendly with people as we need to be able to handle your dog.